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We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting Joint Health Night!

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Wangaratta Clinic via FacebookAt 8:51am, 17 May 2016
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Wangaratta Clinic via Instagram at 3:58pm, 29 Apr 2016

Who do we have here?? Our very own Dr Mandy Lugsdin...

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Wangaratta Clinic via FacebookAt 8:50am, 17 May 2016

Border Small Animal Rescue need foster carers! To...

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Wangaratta Clinic via Twitter 4 days ago

Dr Paws Wangaratta has been specially designed with it’s pet community in mind, their comfort and care always at the forefront. Owner and Senior Veterinarian, Dr Mandy Lugsdin, is a friendly and dedicated head of the clinic, and the driving force behind the passionate and committed team.

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It is more than a small animal hospital delivering superior pet care; Dr Paws aims to be your partner in petcare, with services extending beyond opening hours!

The idea behind this website is to provide the Dr Paws Wangaratta pet community online access to the knowledge and advice of the Dr Paws team. The website will continue to grow and develop into a really valuable information source for visitors, whether they want advice on introducing a new pet into their home, or are interested in local pet care services such as grooming or charities.

Dr Paws Wangaratta proudly provides excellence in Veterinary care, drawing from local knowledge and with a focus on community. Feel free to explore this website and please contact us if you have any requests, suggestions or feedback about the content!