Our Team

It goes without saying that we love all animals great and small but we really do take pride in giving the best possible care and attention to you and your pet!



Meet some of our friendly and professional team:


Bethany Hooper, Lead Veterinarian (B.V.Sc)

I joined Altona in September 2019 as Lead Veterinarian. After graduating from the University of Melbourne, I worked first in Ferntree Gully then in Fitzroy with small companion animals. I aim to provide a high standard of care and treat every pet as my own. I am passionate about providing preventative care to all pets. I also love to work with pocket pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and reptiles. 

I have always loved animals and knew I wanted to be a vet when I was 5. To me, pets are not just animals - they are members of our family. Being trusted to offer them compassion, care and medical treatment when needed is a great privilege.  

In my spare time, I’m usually getting up to crafty activities like sewing and baking or keeping active by riding my bike and taking dance classes. I also love curling up with a good book and my cheeky rescue cat Marzipan. 


Dr Roslyn, Veterinarian (B.V.Sc)

I’m one of those people who decided in primary school that they wanted to be a vet!

After graduation, I worked in rural Victoria then in a mixed animal practice in the UK before coming back to small animal practice in Melbourne for a “short” stint that’s not over yet! 

I ran two practices in Melbourne’s eastern bayside area until mid 2017 when I 'retired.' After a couple of overseas trips it was time to get back to doing what I love, checking out animals and helping people plan for their care. It’s fantastic now to be able to concentrate on the fun bits of the job and not deal with the 'boring' business bits. I’ve also really enjoyed contributing to and representing the vet profession on various committees.

I’m married, have a 23 year old son, a 9.5 year old Deerhound and a new kitty (who rules the house). Interests beyond family, friends and the veterinary profession include travel, food and emerging artists & architects. Obsessions limited to rowing!


Natasha Macadam, Veterinary Nurse

It was during my year 10 work experience at a vet clinic that I realized that becoming a nurse was my calling. I remember waking up buzzing with excitement each morning of my placement, arriving early and staying back well past my designated hours. I thrived during that week of placement, and I knew that once it was over I would aim to work in this industry.

I went on to study small courses at first, like a Cert I in racing stable hand, and then extended my studies into the Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing after I graduated high school. During my studies I went to work in a variety of different animal related jobs, such as at a horse riding school and a pet boarding retreat. I also tried to volunteer at many different places to build up my animal handling skills and knowledge, including going to other vet clinics and some of the nearby zoos and sanctuaries.

I completed my Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2017, and have been successfully pursuing my career in nursing ever since. When I am not working, I fill my spare time by caring for my furbabies Thistle, Haggis and Dougal, who are all spunky ragdolls! I love my fur-children to the moon and back!


Hayley Rodriguez, Veterinary Nurse

I knew I wanted to work with animals from a young age.I started at Dr Paws in 2017 as a placement student and gained employment as a trainee nurse in 2018. I finished my nursing course at the end of 2020 and am now a full time veterinary nurse.

I love caring for animals and taking special care of people’s pets whilst they’re with us in hospital. Monitoring patients and keeping them as happy and comfortable as possible during their stay is my passion. Being a student here myself, I also enjoy teaching our new nursing students and guiding them to be the best nurses they can be.

Outside of work, I like fostering kittens through Purrs of Point Cook till they find their forever home. I like to relax by curling up and watching TV with my fluffy maremma Comet.


Emily Bonilla, Trainee Veterinary Nurse

I have always had a love for animals, ever since I can remember. As I grew up, my family had a beautiful little pomeranian called Sasha. She was the love of my life and to put it directly, I was obsessed with her. As I grew older, so did Sasha and although she was still quite young, she was diagnosed with Cancer. Young me wanted to do everything in my power to make her feel better. Eventually she did pass, and her passing is still deeply felt to this day. However, I believe that that moment was the catalyst for me beginning my career as a Veterinary Nurse.

After high school I jumped into my first Certificate II in Animal Studies and enjoyed every last minute of it! I knew for sure that this was my calling. Once that course was completed, my eyes were set for the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. I was very lucky, and also very excited, to be given the opportunity to study while working here at Dr Paws Altona North. 

I look forward to learning more about the industry as I gain more knowledge through the next year. When I am not studying or working in the clinic, I spend my downtime snuggling up with my best pal, Rocky the Rottweiler, who is a bundle of energy that craves attention!

Antonella Gatto, Puppy School Trainer

My name is Antonella, I come from Italy and I have been living in Australia for nearly 6 years. 

Since I was 3-4 years old I remember that one of my interests was to talk with animals, especially pets like: dogs, cats, birds and bunnies. I used to like to make up conversations and tell stories to them. I also rescued a lot of them. 
Growing up I realised that a dog or a cat will never be able to speak to me but I didn’t give up on my dream to try to communicate with them or better understand the way they use to communicate with me/us. 
I have always considered a lot the psychological support that a dog can give to his/her owner, but as a young adult I also started to see how many dogs suffer because of lack of communication between them and the owners or because of miscommunication. 

I then realised that the best way to try to help misunderstood dogs is to teach owners what, when and how to train their dogs. 

I enrolled 2 years ago to the Delta Institute which leads to the certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. 
Through my studies I have been very lucky to be mentored by Chiara Perri from Point Cook Dog Training Dog Day Care, who was the first Positive Reinforcement trainer in the western suburbs of Melbourne. I had the opportunity to assist with and instruct puppy and adult classes, as well as assisting with private consultations and working on one-on-one training. 
I believe in force free training methods which are scientifically proved to be the best training methods to teach dogs everyday good manners, tricks and to be part of the society. 

The success of the positive reinforcement training methods is based on the fact that it: 

- creates stronger bond between dog and owner,
- is fun for both human and pups,
- tells the dogs what we would like them to do instead of using harsh methods to stop them from doing what we don’t want.