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We don't want to give you an ear-full but...

Some pets (such as those with long ear flaps, or those that like to swim/bath regularly) may be predisposed to developing ear infections.  Regular ear cleaning with a prescribed ear cleaning product may prevent ear infections in these pets.

If your pet has an ear infection, discharge and debris can prevent medications from working well.  Your vet will inform you if cleaning is required and will prescribe a specific ear-cleaning product for you to use.


Steps for cleaning ears:

It’s often helpful to find somebody else that can help you by holding the body of your pet (to stop wriggles) while you can focus on the ear.

  • Take a hold of the ear flap with one hand (close to the base of the ear, with thumb close to the ear canal entrance).
  • Fill the ear canal with the prescribed ear cleaning solution.
  • Don’t let go of the ear flap!  Below the ear canal entrance, you can feel a funnel-shaped tube (this is the ear canal).  Give this a squeeze a number of times to gently agitate the cleaning solution in the ear canal.  You should hear a squelching sound.
  • Now let go of the ear flap and step back.  Your pet will shake its head and this will force the debris from the ear canal.
  • With loose cotton wool or a cotton ball, wipe the excess debris from the inside of the ear flap and entrance of the ear canal.  NEVER put cotton swabs/cotton buds down the ear canal.
  • Repeat with the other ear if required.

Your vet will let you know what frequency you should use the ear cleaning product.

It’s a good idea to allow an hour if possible between ear cleaning and administering any ear medications (if prescribed).  This allows the ear canal to dry out (from the cleaning) and prevents a medication/ear cleaner “soup” from forming, which will reduce the effectiveness of the medication.


Steps for using medicated ear treatments:

As above, it’s easier to get somebody to hold the pet, so you can focus on the ears

  • Take the cap off the medicated bottle and rest the lid somewhere secure on its side, so the lid doesn’t get dirty.
  • Grab a hold of the ear flap (as above) and then insert the nozzle of the ear treatment into the ear canal.  Administer as directed (this could be a number of drops, or millilitres administered via syringe if advised).
  • Remove the nozzle (or syringe) and, while still holding the ear flap, gently massage the ear canal to distribute the medication throughout the entire ear canal.
  • Continue using the medication at the prescribed frequency for the prescribed number of days.
  • If a revisit appointment wasn’t booked in at the time of your pet’s veterinary consultation, contact the clinic to book in a revisit appointment 3-5 days after treatment has commenced.


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