Our Team

We are a team of passionate animal lovers and we take pride in giving the best possible care to you and your pet!

Each of the members of the Dr Paws team has trained hard to be the best in their field. They are commited to building on their knowledge and expertise, ensuring that they are constantly growing as professionals and providing excellence in all aspects of veterinary care. 


Please contact us at Dr Paws Anakie Road Veterinary Clinic if you'd like any more information. 

Serving the pet community of the City of Greater Geelong. The pawfect location for pet parents living in Bell Park, Geelong, North Geelong, Post Hill, Newcombe, Lara and surrounding areas!


Meet the Dr Paws team:


Dr. Adrian Zumpe Veterinarian BVSc, BSc, M.R.C.V.S

I have​ been a Veterinary Surgeon for 25 years, during this time I had the opportunity to work abroad in the UK and locally in Geelong where I have grown up.

I currently live in Geelong with my wife and three daughters who love our python Boomer and bearded dragon Cutie.

We are also proud owners of Matilda the pug, Lottie the Doberman and and a collection of Burmese cats.


Dr. Kristie Jennings Veterinarian BVSc

I graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2009 and ever since have been considering myself lucky to be in a role where I can spend every day taking care of our much loved pets.

I enjoy all aspects of being a vet; including medicine and surgery, but have a particular fascination and interest in animal behaviour.

When I'm not at work you could find me (or maybe you won't) trying to get myself lost in nature or walking along the beach with my Labrador, Florence.

I also have two cats, Simon and Henry, who like to challenge my patience but are lovable in their own way!

Dr Emma Hargrave Veterinarian BVSc

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2009 and started working as a large animal vet, particularly horses, for a few years before relocating to Geelong. I joined the Anakie Road team in 2016 and you will generally see me around on Wednesdays and some Saturdays. I enjoy helping my patients and their owners as best I can to ensure they go home happy and feeling better.


Dr Sharina Chan New Graduate Veterinarian BSc, DVM

Hello! I am one of the new faces you may have noticed at Dr Paws Anakie Road as I have just joined the team recently as a veterinarian. After graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2019, I spent some time volunteering at a community vet clinic in Melbourne that works closely with cat rescues. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and spent part of my childhood in the Philippines too since my mum is from there. So, besides English, I also speak Cantonese and some Mandarin!

Pets are important members of our family. It is just amazing how they can bring so much joy into our lives even without the use of words! I became a vet because I want to care for animals in return and I enjoy seeing both pets as well as their owners happy.

Outside of work, I am usually on a hunt for yummy food so you may catch me exploring restaurants and cafes. I also enjoy travelling and my recent trip to New Zealand was amazing. Otherwise, savoring some downtime at home with a good movie makes me happy too. My 13 -year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Gordon is back home in Hong Kong with my parents but I can see myself fostering kittens in no time once I move to Geelong from Werribee! Really looking forward to exploring around Geelong!

MJ, Veterinary Nurse

I have completed my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and am loving every minute of my new career path. I have an over enthusiastic three year old American Staffy named Gumboots. I recently changed my middle name to Danger after my last dog, Dangermouse!

Candice, Veterinary Nurse

I started working in the veterinary industry when I was 15. Although, I have had some career changes in between, I always seem to go back to it. I love it. I have been working at Anakie Road Veterinary Clinic for the past 10 years.

I love the patients, our wonderful clients and expanding my knowledge in all aspects of veterinary nursing. I have completed my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Ainsley, Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

I have been a Vet Nurse since I can remember (some 20 odd years) and completed a number of vet nursing certificates and also a diploma of animal technology.

I’m one of the originals at Dr Paws Anakie Rd as we have now been open for just over 10 years. It’s a fabulous place to work.  

I have a menagerie of animals at home on my  acres. border Collies, whippets, cats, chooks, ducks, peacocks, guinea pigs, goats & of course my beautiful horses. Outside of work my time is spent horse riding with my daughter, Chelsea, at sporting events with Josh, my son or supporting my husband Glen during ultra marathons.  


Skye, Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

I joined the team at Anakie Rd in 2016. I have 2 rabbits, a horse, a dog, chickens and geese to keep me busy outside of work. I also do some shifts at Geelong Animal Emergency, this keeps my skills sharp.

I love getting to know the clients, building a great relationship with and of course caring for their beloved pets.


Bella, Veterinary Nurse ​Cert IV

During my study I was lucky enough to complete my practical placement at Dr Paws. After a few months. After a few month I was employed as a Vet Nurse. I  completed my cert IV in 2019. 

I have always loved animals. I spend my spare time hanging with my dogs Theodore and Jaspa and 3 cats, Edna, Oscar and Smallcat.

I hope to one day work in rescue and rehabilitation and run my own animal sanctuary for rescued farm animals.

My favorite types of dogs have big boofheads and lots of squishy rolls.

Sarah, Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

I have worked with Dr Paws for approx 2 years. Prior to that I have worked  both in large animal practice and a few small animal practices. In total I have been nursing for approx 20 years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  

I have particular interest in anaesthetics and surgical nursing, and enjoy doing courses and training regularly to update my skills.  

I live on a farm where I have a menagerie of pets including horses, dogs, cat, pigs and some pocket pets.


Tahlia, Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

Hi, my name is Tahlia. In 2019 I started my work placement as a Vet Nursing student at Dr Paws and in 2020 I was lucky enough to be hired as a trainee Vet Nurse whilst I complete my Cert IV.

I am an avid Staffy lover with two of my own, Delilah who is 2 and Albert who is 12 weeks old, if there’s a puppy near you can guarantee I won’t be far, and I would love to eventually get into some more puppy school and training.

I love working at Dr Paws and all the people who take so much time to love and care for our clients animals, it is truly one big family.


Zoe, Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

I'm a Veterinarian Nurse at Dr Paws, with a particular interest in surgery nursing . I completed certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2019.  

I grew up with horses, cats,and dogs, and have always had a passion for caring for animals.  In my spare time i enjoy hiking and camping in nature, taking and developing film photos, and aerial yoga.  

I have three cats, balance & pumpkin, who I adopted from GAWS, and odette who I hand raised from two days old after being neglected by her mother.  

In the future I would love to volunteer with animals in need overseas.  


Rachael, Receptionist/Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Hi, I am Rachael and I am currently studying Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.

After growing up on a farm and spending six months volunteering at GAWS I realised that I wanted to be working with animals, and made the change from Hospitality.

I have two large rescue dogs that keep me busy when I am not at work/school and have loved being able to give them a new life out on the farm with me.

In the future I hope to be able to do more volunteer work in both Australia and overseas.


Nikita, Trainee Veterinary Nurse