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We all want our dogs to be polite members of the community. Dog trainers are vital in helping you to communicate with your dogs and in helping dogs learn essential commands. Trainers run obedience classes or offer one-on-one training services.

Dog Obedience Classes

Obedience classes can help you teach your dog to sit, stay, drop and recall these instructions in a variety of situations and with a variety of distractions. Many dog obedience classes also offer other fun activities like flyball and agility to get involved with.

One-on-one dog training

One-on-one training is the fastest and most efficient way for your dog to learn new behaviours. A trainer will in an individual setting will be able to work with you and tailor training to meet your and your dog’s specific needs. This method of training is essential if your dog is worried or distracted by other dogs or stresses in situations outside your home.

Positive reinforcement is best

We recommend learning from a trainer who uses positive reinforcement techniques. These techniques are about praising good behaviour. Getting angry with a dog for 'bad' behaviour confuses the dog and doesn't give clear instructions for what the right behaviour is!

Dog Trainers and Obedience Classes

Geelong Obedience Dog Club

Breakwater Road

Belmont Common, VIC 3220

5243 4555

Bark Busters

1800 067 710


Belmont Geelong

0438 730 428

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