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July Desexing Promotion

$50 Off Cat and Dog Desexing

Desexing not only has numerous behavioural benefits for your fur friend, but it also reduces the risk of them developing certain serious health problems.

Call us now on 5272 1880 to book your pet’s discount desexing procedure during July. Alternatively, submit a form here and our friendly staff will be in contact with you.

To learn more about desexing click here.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Jennica Koehler

Hey, I’m just wondering with the $50 off the price, how much would it cost to get my 3 year old boy cat desexed?

Sat Jun 2020

Just wondering the price for a male staffy under a year old but fairly solid for desexing

Wed Jul 2020
Chloe Finn

Hi just wondering how much it would cost ti desex my female 4 year old dog,
She’s a staffy x medium sized dog.

Tue Jul 2020

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