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Dental Care

The need for dental health in pets is the same as in humans. Prevention is better than cure!

Tooth and gum problems in pets

Tooth, gum pain and dental disease can be as severe in pets as it is in humans, but often goes unnoticed. It can lead to infection that has been linked with the development of kidney and heart disease. 

Please note: Bad breath is one of the most common signs of dental disease. Most pets will go on eating regardless of severe infection and pain. This is why it's so important to bring your pet into the clinic for regular check-ups. Dental checks are complimentary because we're always here to help! 

Teeth cleaning services

Professional dental scale and polish is often required every 6-12 months even with good home care. A general anesthetic is required for this.

Dental diets

Dental diets are specially formulated dry food that is designed to remove plaque as your pet eats. Some also contain toothpaste-like ingredients to fight the plaque.

Our dental facilities

Just like at your dentist, we have state of the art equipment and everything your pet needs to keep their pearly whites nice and healthy! Our clinic has a dedicated dental area with ultrasonic cleaner and polisher along with specialised animal dental equipment, including a drill.

More information

For more information about keeping on top of your pet's dental health, please download our brochure and handout.

More information

Please contact us at Dr Paws Anakie Road Veterinary Clinic if you'd like any more information. 

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