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Ever seen your pet scoot or drag their bottom along the ground?

Have you ever seen your pet, or somebody else’s, dragging their bottom along the ground? Have you thought it was an intestinal parasite? While it does look funny, the poor dog is trying to make himself more comfortable, but more about this in a moment.

Only horses and people have intestinal worms that burrow into the mucosa of the anus and causes itchiness; so it’s not a worm problem in dogs. Dog (and cats) have small glands around the area of their anus; these glands produce pheromones and is why dogs and cats smell each other’s bottoms.

If these glands become impacted or blocked, they are uncomfortable, so your dog may scoot. This problem is caused by a diet that doesn’t contain enough fibre to bulk out the stool to ensure the glands discharge with each bowel motion. The best treatment is to feed your pet a premium food – available from most veterinary clinics in the Newcastle area. An alternative is to increase the fibre of your pet’s diet by adding a teaspoon of psyllium husks to each meal. 

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