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"Is pet insurance worth it?"

It’s a question asked by many pet owners in the Newcastle region, and definitely one that is worth exploring!

Just like any member of the family, your pet can experience health issues and require serious medical attention at any time. It’s a part of life but it can prove costly and leave you seriously out-of-pocket. For example, in cases of serious illness your vet could perform specialty surgery or refer you to an emergency hospital. The fees will often prove higher than normal but having access to the best facilitates and treatments can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful recovery for your pet.

There are so many options available when it comes to pet insurance, so it is important to do some solid research and remember that covers can often be customised to help meet your needs and budget. Additionally, it can help provide your pet with access to additional services like dental health.

It is important to bear in mind that there may be restrictions on cover based on an animal’s age. This is due to older animals tending to have greater health issues, although don’t let this completely put you off considering pet insurance for a young pet. If you do have a young pet you will already know that they are ever curious and clumsy characters. They are just as likely to contract diseases from eating something they shouldn’t off the ground, or literally running into trouble and breaking a toe while speeding to get that toy.

The future is bright for our pets, in terms of the quality of healthcare, new technologies and treatments. Our pets deserve to have the best care made available to them, and pet insurance helps makes this a reality.

We know how distressing having a seriously ill or injured pet can be, and covering costs for treatment is really the last thing that you want to be focusing or worrying over. Knowing that you can afford the very best treatment possible can be a great comfort at such times.


So Pet Parents, pet insurance is certainly something to think about!


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