Important Notice for Rabbit Owners!

With the roll out of a feral rabbit baiting program in Lane Cove this month, we urge all local bunny owners to vaccinate their floppy-eared friends.

The program will see the release of a new strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus known as RHDV1-K5.

Rabbits are declared a pest animal in NSW as they compete with native animals and degrade Australian native animals, plants and Endangered Ecological Communities. They are also causing public nuisance and significant damage to playing fields, public parks and private property in northern Sydney.

While RHDV-K5 is not harmful to native animals or other domestic pets (it is species-specific), pet rabbits can be infected by contact with wild rabbits and biting insects.

If you have a rabbit at home, we recommend contacting your vet to discuss vaccination and additional protection measures, including alternate housing in mosquito-proof enclosures away from contact with wild rabbits.

The release is currently scheduled to take place in selected reserves and open space in northern Sydney from mid to late October. The release is dependent on weather conditions and therefore you should maintain the vaccination program as recommended by your vet.

Call us for more information! Alternatively, fill out a form here and we will be in contact with you.

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