Common foods and plants that are toxic to your pets

Most owners are unaware of the danger some common household foods and garden plants can pose to their beloved pets. While humans relish the thought of some chocolate or macadamia nuts as a satisfying snack, if your pet ingests just a small amount of these foods, it can be lethal. Other food items that put your pet at risk if eaten are grapes (including raisins, sultanas and the like) and xylitol contained in some sugar free products. 

There are also some common garden plants which also put your pets at risk; the most commonly known ones are azalea's, daffodils, oleander and lilies. Even a small amount can cause liver and kidney damage and the symptoms to watch out for are loss of appetite vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, lethargy or not wanting to participate in any of their normal activity.

Unfortunately, pets don’t discriminate as to what they eat or come across in the garden so if you suspect your pet may have eaten or encounter any of these items, they will need emergency treatment. Please contact the clinic immediately or if you would just like some more advice, speak to a member of our friendly team.  

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