Helping your pet through a storm

As pet parents, no one likes to see their pet distressed by astrophobia (storms), however the anxiety they feel is real and shouldn’t be ignored. Most of the time they don’t grow out of it and it can become worse over time if nothing is done. It is not known what triggers the anxiety in your pet, but it is suspected that dogs can be set off by a combination of wind, thunder, lightning, a drop in barometric pressure changes and low frequency rumbles preceding a storm that humans can’t hear.

There are a few things you can do to help your pet best cope with an impending storm such as:

  • Create as safe space. It is best to let your pet decide when they will feel the safest in the home and for you to try and make this space as warm and comfortable as possible.
  • Try to use some white noise to drown out the sounds of the storm such and the familiar sound of the TV or some calming music
  • Thunder jackets may also be a good option for your pet. These are snug fitting jackets that provide gentle pressure to help your pet feel safe.

If none of these ideas work, then it may be time to have a chat with one of our vets to discuss using medication to help your pet through the spring storm season.

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