Personal Development for Paw Owners!

It's all about Community, it's all about Partnerships....It's all about You!

We are hosting a community based event focusing on the "Happy Owners" aspect of what we do at Dr Paws!


Partnering with Lou Campbell from The Career Consultant, we are so excited to offer local pet owners an exciting series of seminars on personal development.

Personal Development is a fabulous field of study and endeavour! It encompasses all facets of our lives. Success principles exist to ensure we can all lead happy and fulfilled lives! These Principles ensure personal and business success.


The seminars will be the second Wednesday of every month, commencing on Wednesday the 10th of May.

Seminar will run 7pm - 8pm

Twelve seminars will be delivered. Each session is a stand alone session, however maximum benefit will be derived by attending as many as possible. 


Here at Dr Paws Wangaratta! 51 Mackay Street, Wangaratta.



The cost of entry is only $25 per person per session with $5 of this being donated to the wonderful animal charity, Border Small Animal Rescue.



One lucky participant in each session will win a FREE consultation card to be redeemed here at the clinic!

CLICK HERE TO RSVP and feel free to ask any questions :)