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Senior Pet Promotion

FREE Senior Health Checks + 50% Off Royal Canin Senior Food + Treatment discount.

Is your fur friend a senior citizen?

As our canine and feline friends age their health needs change, and regular check-ups allow us to identify and treat age-related illness. Regular health checks help us ensure that your pet is as healthy and happy as possible as they move into their older years.

If your pet requires further treatment following their free consult, we are also offering each senior pet one of the below treatment discounts*:

  • 25% off a full blood test
  • 25% off arthritis injection course

Terms and conditions:

- *One discount available per pet, depending on what treatment option is required for your pet.

-Blood test discount applies to full comprehensive blood tests only.

Call us now on (03) 5722 4200 to book. Alternatively, submit a form here and our friendly staff will be in contact with you.






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